Located just South of Deane's Dock on Salt Cay
TRADEWINDS is a short walk to the center of the island's
scuba diving facilities, water activities and fun.
We look forward to your visit to our "island that time forgot."




Often referred to as the "island time forgot", Salt Cay offers activities for guests of all ages. Salt Cay is the most remote and secluded of the islands in the Turks and Caicos Islands. We have 60 friendly residents, rich Caribbean heritage and Caribbean culture.

Our snorkeling and SCUBA diving offers some of the best walls in the world. The reefs are still pristine, teeming with fish and boasting spectacular corals and sponges. An 18th century British War ship (rated in the top ten wreck dives internationally) is an excellent site for diving or snorkeling.

January through March is migration time for the magnificent Humpback whales. Salt Cay is considered "Whale Headquarters", as the island sits directly in the Columbus Passage, the migratory route of the whales on their way to the Silver Banks. Dive with the whales, plan a day-trip of whale watching and picnicking, or view the Humpbacks from the deck at TRADEWINDS or the many vantage points the island offers.



Salt Cay Divers offer a variety of dive and snorkeling trips, including competitively priced dive packages.


Salt Cay has numerous sites for snorkeling from shore, including Point Pleasant, North Shore Point, Deane's Dock (a great night snorkel), Lighthouse Cliffs, South Cemetery and South Creek.

Beachcombing, shell collecting and hiking are among some favorites. The island has miles of secluded, clean, soft sand to explore.

Birdwatchers will catch sight of several types of rare birds, including osprey, flamingos, peregrine falcons, turtle doves and mockingbirds.

Kayaking and fishing are just a few of the other activities available for your enjoyment.

Early in the 1700s through the 1960s, Salt Cay was one of the largest exporters of salt in the world. Explore the salinas (salt ponds), windmills, Taylor House ruin and tour our historical churches and old plantation homes.

Friendly Salt Cay residents make you feel right at home. The island has no casinos and the night life consists of good reggae and island music for dancing when the mood strikes you.




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